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Please join me and praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Matthew Shedrick,Deanna Thompson, Jim Campbell, Jessica Coleman,

Virgil Cox,Charlie Bills Brother,Cheryl Holmes,Jim Persinger,Tony Creamer, Velda Tacket, Harry Bensel,Michael Kleffman family,John Leeper, Roger Traver, Scott Creamer, Carl Dimmitt, Caleb Garmon,Nina Hernandez, Jewell Hittle, Seth Leeper, Skip Patheal, The Media's granddaughter-Abigal, and son Ralph, Doris Morris, Charles Wagner,Charles and Marie Schroeder,Orval Toole,Kathy Willis,Pauline Wulfemeyer,


Let us also keep in prayers all those who sorrow and grieve and the lost.  Pray for our Government and elected officials so they will make decisions that affect us in a Godly manner. Lift up our Military personnel for their safety and for a safe return.


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